The Penn State Department of Aerospace Engineering

Mark D. Maughmer

Professor of Aerospace Engineering; Ph.D. (Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering), University of Illinois, 1983

Room Address:
233F Hammond
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Phone Number:
Fax: 865-7092

Dr. Maughmer is involved in the design, analysis, and wind-tunnel testing of airfoils. He is also exploring methods for the design and analysis of planar and nonplanar wing geometries, as well as winglets, for achieving minimum overall drag. He has done research in natural laminar flow aerodynamics, the user of boundary-layer suction for more extensive laminar flow, low-Reynolds number aerodynamics, and the aerodynamics of flight controls for hypersonic vehicles. He is currently investigating alternative control strategies for damaged transport aircraft, as well as the aerodynamics of wind turbines.

Dr. Maughmer received the PSES Outstanding Teaching Award in 1993, and the PSES Premier Teaching Award in 2001. He is active in the AIAA and has served on the Aircraft Design Technical Committee (1987-90). For the Soaring Society of America, he is chair of configuration and design for the Technical Board, erves on the Board of Directors for the Collegiate Soaring Association, and received the society's Exceptional Service Award in 1991. He is on the Board of the International Organization for the Science and Technology of Soaring (OSTIV), and is the Technical Chairman of that organization.

Research Interests:
Aerodynamics, aircraft design, aircraft stability and control.

Selected Publications:
Selig, M. S., M. D. Maughmer, and D. M. Somers. 1995. A Natural Laminar Flow Airfoil for General Aviation Applications. Journal of Aircraft Vol. 32(4) pp. 710-715.

Dini, P., and M. D. Maughmer. 1994. A locally Interactive Laminar Separation Bubble Model. Journal of AircraftVol. 31(4) pp. 802-810.

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Selig, M. S., and M. D. Maughmer. 1992. Generalized Multi-Point Inverse Airfoil Design. AIAA JournalVol30(11). pp. 2618-2615.

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