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Michael M. Micci

Ph.D. (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Princeton University, 1981

Room Address:
230C Hammond
Mailing Address:
Phone Number:
Fax: 865-7092

Professor Micci conducts experimental research involving the combustion dynamics within solid and liquid propellant rockets such as the Space Shuttle. Experimental research is also underway to develop the microwave arcjet for use on spacecraft. Computational research involves the implementation of molecular dynamics on massively parallel processes to model propellant supercritical phenomena.

Professor Micci is an associate editor of the AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power.

Research Interests:
rocket propulsion; combustion stability in liquid and solid propellant rockets, liquid propellant atomization, electric propulsion, microwave arcjets, nozzle flows, molecular dynamics

Selected Publications:
Kaltz, T. L., J. K. Little, B. C. Wong, M. M. Micci, and L. N. Long. 1994. Supercritical Droplet Evaporation Modelled Using Molecular Dynamics on Parallel Processor. Proceedings of Euromech Colloquium 324, The Combustion of Drops, Sprays, and Aerosols, Marseilles, France.

Puissant, C., M. J. Glogowski, and M. M. Micci. 1994. Experimental Characterization of Shear Coaxial Injectors Using Liquid/Gaseous Nitrogen. proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Rouen, France.

Zelesnik, D., M. M., Micci, and L. N. Long. 1994. Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Model of Low Reynolds Number Nozzle Flow. Journal of Propulsion and Power Vol. 10(4).

Micci, M. M., and J. Mueller. 1992. Microwave Waveguide Helium Plasmas for Electrothermal Propulsion. Journal of Propulsion and Power Vol. 8(5).

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