Hubert C. Smith

Associate professor emeritus; Ph.D. (systems engineering), University of Virginia, 1978

Room Address:
233C Hammond
Mailing Address:
Phone Number:
Fax: 865-7092

Professor Smith conducts research in many varied areas of aircraft aerodynamics and flight mechanics. Recent projects include drag reduction studies of light aircraft, the effect of design features on commuter aircraft safety, and improved methods of measuring various parameters in airplane flight testing.

Professor Smith is an Associate Fellow if AIAA, a recipient of the SAE Teetor Outstanding Education Award (1983) and the FAA Lifetime Honorary Accident Prevention Counselor Award(1983), the PSES Outstanding Teaching Award (1979), and the PSES Outstanding Advisor Award (1983 and 1990).

Research Interests:
aircraft design , flight mechanics, applied aerodynamics, and aircraft operations (particularly relating to aviation safety).

Selected Publications:
Smith, H. C. and R. P. Anderson. 1994. Procedures for Airspeed Calibration by Use of GPS. Proceedings of Third Joint Symposium on General Aviation Systems.

Smith, H. C. and T. Gerhardt. 1993. The effects of Design Characteristcs on Commuter Aircraft Safety. AIAA Paper #93-3916, AIAA Aircraft Design, Systems, and Operations Meeting.

Smith, H. C. 1992 The Illustarated Guide to Aerodynamics, Second Edition. TAB/McGraw-Hill.

Smith, H. C., and P. D. Gall. 1987. Aerodynamics of Biplanes With Winglets. AIAA Journal fo Aircraft Vol. 24(8) pp. 518-522.